JY Prefab

Cold-formed steel system

Steel structure has many benefits over wood in an urban and suburban context. However, our unique solution takes it even further. With zero compromises on quality and scheduling, our houses are beautiful, strong andmost importantly, affordable.

Fast and Easy

We deliver houses door-to-door in 30% - 50% less time than traditional builders.

Great Prices

Clear and simple is our philosophy, we strive to provide the best price for your next home.


From ADUs to apartments, JY container system is flexible and can be used in many hospitality constructions.


Reduce carbon footprint, less disruption to neighbors and traffics and fewer wastes... the JY container system is eco-friendly to our environment.

JY Container System

Containers are aesthetic, economical and durable, so they are perfect for any hospitality construction projects. JY container system provides professional container design, manufacturer and delivery services to ensure time and quality of your container house.

Branding Projects

Trouble-free Deposit

Guaranteed full refund before manufacturing start.

Full Warranty

Warranty covers from “bumper to bumper” for your first year of residence.

Support 24/7

Got any questions? We are here to help!